ISA North East conference is on

The annual conference of the International Studies Association North East will take place in Baltimore this weekend, despite doubts brought by hurricane Sandy. I will be speaking about US military bases and quasi-bases in Latin America on a panel about Inter-American relations.


Mount Everest and mount Ama Dablam, Nepal, 2009

Here is photo I like. This was the first clear night on my way up from the base to Mount Everest’s base camp, during the monsoon season of 2009. Needless to say, I hadn’t had the privilege of seeing the top from the distance, and thus this night became quite remarkable. So many stars. The photo is not intentionally black and white, in fact, there is no photoshop in this one.




After closed, apple cancelled my previous website, and I realized nothing was displayed on it months later. This is why you should post new stuff in your website, or at least check it is working from while to while. I am putting this new version, wordpress-based, knowing that as things are getting serious about my PhD graduation and some new publications coming up, I will have more interesting stuff to add here. Meanwhile I’ll just post photos from my trips. Those make me happy.